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Family Law Attorney OrlandoThere are a wide variety of issues that can pop up in familial situations that can cause a rift between two or more individuals. Typically, family law pertains to things like visitation, custody, child support, and others. It goes without saying that these are very important issues, and the ruling of the courts can often times decide your entire future, how often you’ll see your child, and how your family dynamic will play out for years to come.

When it comes to family law dealing with children, it’s always the focal point of the courts. If you aren’t able to put a strong case before the judge, it’s very possible that you’ll lose that which is very near and dear to your heart. Self-representation is always an option, but statistics show that it doesn’t work in their favor most of the time. It’s for this reason that you should seek proper representation with an experienced family attorney like Whitney S. Boan. She has spent many years getting what her clients desire, whether it be custody, visitation, support, or any other. While every case is unique, there are aspects to each that contain certain technicalities that she is able to use to your advantage. She will work with you to create the best case possible, and you’ve got a much greater chance to get what you want.

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What are the Most Common Cases?

Custody cases are the most popular family law case that comes through our doors. There is a huge list of factors that the state takes into consideration when awarding custody to another individual, or not awarding custody. While research can tell you plenty about the specifics to custody cases, they most often deal with your relationship with the child, how stable things have been for the child, the mental stability of the parents, and others.

Visitation and child support are other huge issues that come up. Visitation implies that one parent already has custody of the child, and the other parent wants regular time to check in on that child. The same factors that you see in the previous cases come into play with these as well. Child support also assumes one parent has custody of a child, and that the other is required to pay some sort of support. It’s the amount that that is typically debated in a court of law.

These cases mean the world to everyone involved. Wouldn’t you want to get your best shot at gaining custody of your child or getting the most out of your support? Wouldn’t you want to get as much visitation as possible? If you’re fighting for your rights on your own, the chances of your success are very limited. Getting in touch with a lawyer like Whitney S. Boan today and find out how you can start building your case today. A hearing is imminent – don’t waste time. Your happiness is at stake, so call us today.