Whitney S. Boan, P.A. in Orlando, FL

In matters of legal trouble, you’re often left feeling a sense of confusion and anger. Being able to turn to an experienced attorney who can deal with your case is a huge weight off your shoulders. Whitney S. Boan established her law firm to do just that for you, and you will receive the peace of mind that comes with knowing your case is in great hands.

At Whitney S. Boan, P.A. in Orlando, FL, your needs take a priority. Your case is serious to us, and as a result, we are here for you when you need us. All you need to do is call: (407) 413-9569

Growing up in the Orlando area, attending Stetson University and the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida, Whitney has spent her entire life in Central Florida, and as a result, few lawyers share her level of understanding of the region. If you’re facing charges or need legal help in Orlando, wouldn’t you want someone who understands both the area and the ins and outs of the system? Take advantage of her knowledge and experience, especially if you’re dealing with any of the following:

Criminal Defense

Whether you’re charged with a DUI, domestic violence, assault and battery, or other criminal charges, there is never a greater time to need quality representation. Your future and permanent record are at stake, and ensuring that you have a skilled criminal defense attorney who is fighting for you can aid in keeping those stakes lower. Not only can your charges be reduced, but with the right plan of action, it’s even possible to have them removed altogether.

Family Law

Divorce and matters involving child custody are never cut and dry. There are many elements that can create obstacles that prevent you from reaching the peace of mind you deserve. Perhaps the largest hurdle to any family law issue is the people involved. An experienced lawyer will be able to bridge the gap between all parties, and cause the case to move forward at a reasonable pace so that everyone involved can get what they are looking for. You don’t want to put your life on hold just because of a particular issue; so make it easier for yourself and seek out a professional.

Juvenile Law

Being accused of a crime, regardless of age, is stressful. However, there is a difference in how to approach representation when the person charged is a juvenile. Whitney S. Boan has a great track record when it comes to assisting minors in avoiding charges against them. While there’s never a good time to face criminal charges, as a juvenile your future is at stake. If you are found guilty, your future could be forever stained; it can prevent you from getting into the school of your choice, getting the job you want, or just living the life you want. Ensure that you have the best representation possible, and secure your future.

If you’re facing any of the above, make a call to Whitney S. Boan, P.A. She is an attorney who puts her client’s needs first and makes it a priority to get them what they need. In the Orlando area, there are few lawyers with as much experience and dedication. Don’t you want someone who will help you win your case as well as care about you? Call our offices today, and you’ll find that person.


If you choose her as your lawyer, you can be assured of the best service and outcomes that money can buy!!!


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