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Arrests are never an easy process, especially when the offender is young and can be considered a juvenile. Typically in these situations there is required parental involvement, and representation is taken out of the accused person’s hands. While one criminal act is severe enough, when a youth is found committing multiple acts in a habitual fashion they are classified as under juvenile delinquency.

There’s a particular type of defense necessary in these cases, as the meaning indicates that there was no lesson learned after the first, second, or possibly even third crime. You may feel as though defense is impossible given this aspect, but that may not necessarily be true. An experienced juvenile law attorney like Whitney S. Boan will be able to look at all aspects of the charge and determine whether to treat your child as a first time offender or a delinquent. Perhaps there’s an element that makes this case unique, and it has to be regarded as such by a court of law.

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What Classifies as a Juvenile Delinquent Act?

Since they aren’t called “crimes” by the State of Florida, people often think there are certain acts that aren’t viewed criminally, but the only difference is simply the classification. Any crime committed by an adult cannot be charged the same when being committed by a minor, which is the sole distinction between these two terms. Majority of criminal charges that exist are treated differently when involving young offenders, but in moments of serious crimes such as murder, even a lawyer will not be able to have the courts treat them as a minor. When tried as a juvenile, there are particular elements that must be taken into account, and at the law offices of Whitney S. Boan, P.A. we specialize in knowing how to represent juveniles.

An aspect that is unique to juvenile delinquency are charges of truancy or failure to comply with curfew. These are typically known as “age-related” or “status” crimes and can only be charged to a minor, as they aren’t crimes possible by an adult. Because juveniles have extra rights in the criminal justice system, it’s integral that you seek to hire representation in order to prevent the delinquent acts from following the juvenile into their adulthood.

As mentioned before, when there are repeated criminal acts on the part of any minor, special care must be taken in order to prevent the worst. If there were previous convictions, or just accusations, there shows a willingness to commit crime, and the punishments become increasingly more severe as they continue. It’s likely that your child will be called to attend programs that will help them turn around and prevent them from continuing their acts into adulthood. In spite of these programs, you should always try to fight any charge that you believe is improperly applied. By contacting the legal offices of Whitney S. Boan, you are ensuring that your child’s future is the in the best hands possible. As a premier criminal defense firm in Orlando, we have insight into how the crimes are treated to adults and juveniles both. This insight allows us to give you the best defense, so do not hesitate to contact us.