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Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Criminal Justice Attorney OrlandoAs one of the top rated criminal justice lawyers in Florida, Whitney S. Boan has worked for some of the finest law firms in the area since 2005, until opening her own law firm in 2015. She formed Whitney S. Boan, P.A., and she continues to expertly handle criminal cases and select family matters. She has earned extremely high ratings on Avvo, demonstrating that she has provided a high level of satisfaction to her clients.

Ms. Boan is a passionate advocate for her clients, and her commitment to treating them with dignity and respect is unparalleled in the state. As a lawyer, she works tirelessly to humanize her clients in the eyes of the court, and her kind yet skilled treatment helps to protect their legal, civil and human rights on the journey through what can be an otherwise intimidating court system.

The right attorney for your case

Whitney S. Boan has extensive experience handling criminal cases, with charges ranging from firearm offensives, murder, capital sexual battery, drug trafficking, robbery, burglary, conspiracies and felony “anti-murder” violations of probation. Whether this is your first time as an offender in the criminal system or you have an existing record (no matter how lengthy), Ms. Boan will fight tirelessly for your rights and freedoms.

Don’t Give Up – Whitney S. Boan can help

Being charged with a criminal offense can be an incredibly stressful and emotional time in a person’s life; panic, fright and hopelessness can set in unless you obtain excellent counsel. Ms. Boan is a professional force to be reckoned with, and she has a formidable presence in the courtroom and an unparalleled law education.

Once you have a stellar criminal justice attorney working on your side, you can begin to rest easy and relinquish some of the control over your case. Ms. Boan will work tirelessly to uphold your reputation and protect your future – you do not have to fear that your life will be ruined by these charges.

With over 11 years of criminal court experience handling cases for thousands of clients, Ms. Boan has gained a nuanced understanding of the legal system that helps her to assist clients to the highest of standards and will benefit you as her client. Well regarded by judges, fellow attorneys, court staff and former clients alike, Ms. Boan has the talent, personality and dedication that is needed in order to ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

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Ms. Boan prides herself on being available for her clients and connecting with them on social media and in person. Connect with Whitney S. Boan on Youtube, LinkedIn and Google Plus.